Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Line for Coaching Today on Wall Street

Today was colder than I would have liked it to be but all the rain last week kept me from my almost weekly coaching gig down here on Wall Street. So many people today wanted coaching, that I actually had a line at one point.

Today was interesting as well because a CNN Money film crew interviewed me and some of those folks that were coached. They wanted to interview those I coached to find out what the experience was like for them.

Folks are so nice to me down there. I see the same people all the time now and they wave when they pass me by. I even know the cops on the beat there - and they want to know where I've been when I'm not down there. It's like a little community down there. I love coaching down there. For me it's easy.

This is easy for me because I love coaching.

May I ask you what you love to do? What is easy for you? How could you give back right now, to those who are stressed out, that's easy for you? Things that come natural to you - giving back doesn't have to be a big deal or big production - but the impact it will have on another will be more profound then you realize.

Here's an example of an impact someone had on me, two weeks ago I met a woman at an art show and within 5 min of speaking with me, she looked me up and down and said, "You've got one beautiful shape on that body of yours!" And she wasn't hitting on me either - just giving me a compliment. BOY OH BOY she made my DAY! I'm still leaning into that compliment! I can't tell you how good it made me feel and still makes me feel. (Especially since I was feeling upset over the recent 5 pounds I've gained.)

We really have an impact on one another. So I ask that you be intentional with that impact. And easy and simple is all it needs to be.

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