Thursday, April 2, 2009

Meeting Bill Murray; Deep as well as Funny

I was having a drink in the Time Warner Center tonight when in walks the one and only Bill Murray, I heard his distinct voice before I even saw his face and recognized it immediately. As he and his friends were waiting for seats at the bar, I caught his eye and asked him if I could buy him a Santori. (The Japanese whiskey his character promotes in Lost in Translation.) He laughed and said, "Now that would be something!" since finding it anywhere out of Japan is nearly impossible.

As my friend and I were leaving, I decided to thank him on the way out for all the joy he has given me - so I hesitatingly approached him and he graciously stopped the conversation with his friends. I thanked him for all the laughter he had given to me and how grateful I was to him for it. Then I told him that I thought Lost in Translation was one of his best films. He was so kind and engaging! I even told him when I was in Japan I'd visited so many of the places that were featured in his film.

As I was about to leave I handed my business card to him and as he looked at it and turned it over he read the back out loud: The Privilege of a Lifetime is Being Who You Are. And he thought for a moment and then said to me, "Actually, being who you are, is the obligation of a lifetime."

Whoa. Yes indeed, he is quite right. It is the obligation of a lifetime.

Thank you Mr. Murray, not only your wit but for your wisdom. Thank you for living up to your obligation of being who you are. We are all the better for it.

(SIDE BAR: When I was visiting The Park Hyatt Tokyo's New York Bar -the one featured above - to have my glass of Santori Whiskey, I was very fortunate to hear the one and only jazz singer Angela Stribling. Angela has performed there for the past four years. Lucky for me I sat down that night next to her handsome boyfriend, now fiance, and he invited me to join them. Angela is one talented lady! Check her out! Love to you girl!)

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Chey said...

My friends and I really enjoy hearing Angela Stribling! We are hoping she is due back in Tokyo sometime soon. Do you have any idea if she will be? Her website does not have a tour schedule.