Sunday, March 15, 2009

One Red Gerbera

I have a lot of work to do today. I'm tired and would rather relax and catch up on Lost episodes. I got up early and realized to get through what lie ahead I needed to do some "nice" things for myself to make it bearable. First stop, Tal Bagels. I love their flat bagles and having one always is a treat since I usually avoid these kind of carbs. Next I knew that if I made my desk more cheerful it would be less dreadsome to sit at it all day, so I set my Ipod up right next to me so I could keep it playing only on my fav songs (my friend Gina's good advice.) But my favorite gesture is the one red gerbera daisy I have sitting next to me. Such a simple gesture to have one live flower here in her little bud vase but what a difference it makes. She is blood red, very large, and stands here proud and beautiful. Every time I start to get frustrated I look at her beauty and escape for a minute. And the final gesture will be the reward of a nice long hot bath after all is complete.

What are you doing for yourself to acknowledge all your work and effort? When was the last time you bought yourself a flower, never mind a bouquet? When did you buy yourself a sweet tasty cupcake (w/ no guilt) and not share it with a single soul? When was the last time you gave yourself the afternoon off and visited a favorite bookstore or museum?
Maybe you can't afford those gorgeous Louboutin shoes, or take that trip to St. John, or go on that Golf outing. But you can give to yourself in small but meaningful ways. Take the time, make the space for it. Especially in this current environment. We all could use a break! We all need some R&R. Be it even an hour to nap, read, watch bad TV or walk on the river. Be good to yourself, someone has to be. (Posting #11 in the 100 posts in 100 days challenge)

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