Friday, March 6, 2009

Lost, Better Late than Never

I don’t watch television. I haven’t in about 7 years. Due to this I had only heard a fleetingly bit about the TV show Lost. And then the Universe had me meet Marc Oromaner the author of The Myth of Lost. Marc came to one of my Joseph Campbell workshops a few months ago and cast a spell over me to watch it. His description of it was unlike any I had ever heard of for a Television show.

Marc’s insistence that this show was mythological in every way and his assurance that within the first three episodes I would agree intrigued me.

Lost is the kind of show that you must watch from the beginning and it is the most addictive show, I’ve seen. Why is it addictive? Because you know all the characters really well already, thus you’re invested in what happens to each of them. How do you know them if you’ve never watched the show? Because they are you and me. They are your parents and your neighbors, your co-workers and your lovers.

It is like watching the collective unconscious play out while watching your own personal unconscious reveal itself. I have found messages for me and my life in some unexpected ways while watching this show. I have also found more empathy for others realizing that each human we meet has a “back story” we can’t even begin to imagine.

As Marc says in his book, in spite of our all being lost at one time or another, we are all connected and here to improve ourselves and help others do the same. Life, just like Lost, leaves us every day with more questions than with answers. We are all living and loving and suffering in the paradox of what our island aka our life presents to us. Watching this show has made me pay closer attention to the signs around me and become more aware of how those in my life assist me in improving myself AND how I assist them.

This show will make you realize once and for all how NOT alone you are. And it will give you the gift of gratitude. For as challenging as my life has been or can be I’m reminded when watching other lives with their personal journey, that I still chose my life over theirs any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

This show is as close to a Walkabout as you can have without having to leave your couch. Go get Lost and find yourself.

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