Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Everything's Amazing, Nobody's Happy

This four minute monologue is both profound and hysterical. Can't find that every day!

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DeltaHotel said...

When I first watched this video, I couldn't help but take the perspective of the guy in the video, and just conclude we are all a bunch of "spoiled non-contributing zeros" :) ...

But then, I must wonder... isn't it this same very high sense of expectation, this very high (even unrealistic) standard, that keeps pushing us all forward? After all, someone somewhere has to at some point sit up and say "hey, why can't we have worldwide high-speed broadband that is free to everyone?" ...or... "why can't we transport living things across space instantly?" ...or... "why can't we build a car that runs forever on a single high-energy fuel coil?" etc. And when we do, when we actually have these things, everyone will be just as impatient with them then as they are with cell and computer technology today.

So maybe it's not all bad, uh? Maybe, just maybe... it's this ever-increasing sense of human expectation that is driving us to even better possibilities tomorrow. Maybe.

Oh... make no mistake, I think most of us are most certainly far too spoiled. Most of us appreciate far too little, and often hold an absolutely warped sense of entitlement. But even so, it may be a mistake to wrap all of these high expectations into this one very negative package. For some, it's the very fuel that pushes us to a future where our lives are even richer than what we can imagine today.