Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kim's Workshop: Are You What You Want to Be Now That You've Grown Up?

Are You What You Want to Be Now That You’ve Grown Up?
August 03, 2009 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Soho Office, 120 Wooster St. b/t Prince and Spring, 4th Floor

24 Seven is hosting a workshop with’s Founder & Life Coach Kim Ann Curtin. Having worked previously for 10 years as an Executive & Personal Assistant to CEO’s in banking & finance; Kim will share her journey of how she found her new career after 40; and teach you how to discover your true path.

You will engage in group participation as well as individual exercises such as:
1) Discovering Your Wants & Needs
2) How to Hear Your Calling
3) When & How to take the First Step

If you are not doing what you love or settling in some way; if you are tired of replacing X with Y in your job search; if you feel stuck and unsatisfied then it’s time to get off the hamster wheel once and for all.

You will learn how to listen to yourself in a new way so you can be the Hero of your own life. Kim will explain how to begin your Hero’s journey and what it will require of you. Bring with you a list of the jobs you’ve loved and hated and why.

Kim will lead group exercises that will be informative, fun and facilitate powerful breakthroughs. This workshop is for those who are tired of settling and ready to live the life they’ve been waiting for.

**Please note: Be sure you check your schedule and can attend the class and/or workshop before confirming registration. 24 Seven workshops and classes are non-refundable and non-transferable. Thank you for your cooperation.

$30 for Premier Members$35 for Members

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