Monday, August 18, 2008

Make Money Being Y-O-U!

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Make Money Being Y-O-U!


Mary VG said...

Looks like I get me a free coaching session! I find the idea that every one has a blog in them exciting. Kind of like the idea that everyone has one novel in them as well. I get bogged down in the What Comes Next territory. So I have a couple ideas for blogging. 4 days into it what am I going to do for content. Maybe I should start keeping a notebook (or my iphone) with ideas for my blogs. But I have so many interests, how do I focus it?

Meet Kim said...

Yes -you get yourself a free coaching session! Call me at 646-373-1282 and let's set it up.
And great questions! My suggestion is that you get yourself an Idea Book. Make it a nice one. When you are inspired write down all the things that make you feel excited about it - really flesh it out so later when the fire cools you remember why you loved it so much. Remember that it's more like 4 months into it what are you going to add for content that you want to be sure what you choose to blog about still makes you jazzed.
But don't worry you can always change course/topic later. BEGIN that is the most important step for you to take! START now and before you know it it will almost run itself.

JB said...

Hey Kim! I've got a spiritual blog, but nothing moving me forward in other respects.

I'd love to take you up on your offer of a free coaching session. Could seriously use one right now.


Meet Kim said...

Hi Jessica! Well let's set it up lady! And let's get you moving!