Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wall Street Coaching

Three weeks ago on Tuesday Oct. 7 I opened up a Coaching Stand outside the NYSE on Wall Street. I spoke to folks who were worried about their 401k's, those who had just lost their jobs, those who had lost them weeks earlier and couldn't bear to break the news to their families yet. It was amazing how vulnerable folks were with me. The whole experience went really well and I think folks were really pleased with what they took away from the conversation. My offer was to coach them free either on the spot or over the phone at a later point if they preferred privacy.
I think I will keep going on Tuesday's as long as the weather holds up.
This is my dream bring coaching to the masses. Bringing it to the streets is the quickest way I can think of to bring it to everyone!

Let me know your thoughts and if you have any other ideas about how else I could make coaching accessible to everyone?

If you want to see some of the media's take on the events please view these:
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